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Board Game Publisher Shares Awkward Conversation With An Entitled Mom That Wants Things For Free

Board Game Publisher Shares Awkward Conversation With An Entitled Mom That Wants Things For Free

We’ve all seen plenty of ‘choosing beggar’ stories where people show an incredible amount of entitlement demanding things that any other person would never think of even asking. Well, despite the growing number of such stories and conversations, the sheer audacity of such ‘beggars’ never fails to surprise us.

One man recently posted an exchange he had with a person who claimed to be single mother on Reddit and it’s definitely fitting with the rest of the ‘choosing beggars’ squad.

One person recently shared a rather staggering interaction with a stranger

Image credits: Farley Santos (not the actual photo)

The woman contacted a board games publisher with an idea for her own game. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, only until you realize she wants the whole thing done for free. Yup, you read right. She wanted the design, manufacturing and publishing all done for absolutely nothing from her side.

The board game publisher was approached by a “single mother” who wanted her idea brought to life for free

While the man first responded with helpful and respectful responses, it was soon clear that woman was having none of it. She insisted on having her idea brought to life for free. When the woman flipped the ‘single mother’ card, the man lost it and decided to punch back, so to speak.

Bored Panda has reached out to the man behind the post and he offered a small explanation to the situation. “Normally, I’ve tried not to quash anyones aspirations, and have helped a lot of toy/game people over the years (20+ in this category),” he explained. “As for my quips at the end: I’ll admit to being a little salty (I’m in my 50’s, OK Boomer situation) But this exchange left me flabbergasted. Her unwillingness (and delusional) attitude rubbed me raw.”

Image credits: playability_de (not the actual photo)

Here’s how people on the internet reacted to the exchange

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