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Mom Catches Her 9-Year-Old Son Using Alexa To Do Homework And His Reaction Is Priceless

Mom Catches Her 9-Year-Old Son Using Alexa To Do Homework And His Reaction Is Priceless

We’ve all cheated – for some, it was math, for some – English classes, but there isn’t probably anyone who hasn’t done this at some point in time at school. Students would always find the most ingenious ways to cheat, but nowadays with all the new technologies, they’re getting even more creative. Recently, Leanne Gormanley – a young mom from the United Kingdom – caught her son cheating in a hilarious way. In the video captured, you can see a 9-year-old boy sitting on the floor and asking a smart speaker named Alexa: ‘What’s eight multiplied by four?’

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This mom caught her 9-year-old cheating on his math homework by using Alexa

Image credits: Leanne Gormanley

Leanne shared the video on her Facebook page along with the caption: “I would say it’s a fantastic effort son…NOT. Alexa is NOT how you do your home work Bryce. 10/10 for cleverness on this aul boy. Really could not believe the cheek of him doing it when I was in the vicinity.” The video almost instantly went viral with over 38k people sharing and 27k people liking it. “I was legit like wtf. I [would]never have thought of that either,” she responded to someone who commented that the mom should give credit to the boy for creativity. “Definitely not like his mum. I [would]have been too scared to do that,” she later added.

The sly kid didn’t seem to mind his mom’s presence and continued ‘cheating’ even when she called him out

Image credits: Leanne Gormanley

As Bryce writes down answers suggested by the smart speaker, Leanne watches on with raised eyebrows. Finally, she asks, ‘What is going on here?’ to which her son cheekily responded: ‘Doing my homework.’ As the young mom tries not to let out a laugh, she instructs Bryce that it’s not how homework should be done. The video has been already viewed almost 2 million times and while some found it hilarious and gave props to the kid for creativity, there were some who disapproved of such behavior.

Watch the video below

Many were giving the kid credit for creativity in cheating

But not everyone agreed

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