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People Are Sharing Different Ways That People Arrange Their Bedrooms And Some Of The Options Might Scare You

People Are Sharing Different Ways That People Arrange Their Bedrooms And Some Of The Options Might Scare You

It’s said that you know you’ve become an adult when you put your bed against the middle of the wall rather than the corner. You can see why one would make this association: people living with a partner arrange their bed so that each person can get out of their respective side of the bed without disturbing the other. Someone responsible enough to wash their sheets frequently wants this chore to be as convenient as possible. Moving into a room large enough that it’s no longer necessary to shove the bed into a corner for space might represent a turning point in life.

Even so, plenty of single adults are up to the challenge of crawling across their beds to change the sheets and like sleeping in corners just fine. Some of us can’t imagine giving it up for anything, actually. If you have a hard time imagining sleeping peacefully in this spacious minimalist bedroom, you’re not the only one. Why is this?

Tumblr users started this odd debate about bed placement

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of aligning one’s self and living space advantageously with the energy present in the environment, calls a position in any given room furthest from and looking towards the door the “command position.” Do you subconsciously gravitate to the command position when you enter a room? Wouldn’t you rather sleep in it? The guidelines of feng shui agree.

It feels less like an arbitrary rule and more like primal instinct. We may live in generally safe, locked houses or apartments, but like wild animals, we still choose a sleeping position that prevents an attack from behind while giving us an unobscured view in the event that we’re suddenly awakened by a threat.

This is probably where we get our intrinsic discomfort with the idea of sleeping with our back “exposed”, our front “trapped”, or both. And someone who lacks that instinct must be fearless indeed. These weird diagrams imagine positions that awaken that unease (and show that some people still can’t behave when they see four panels and some lines.)

The thread quickly devolved into absurdity

Image credits: rosescentimental

Commenters on Imgur chimed in on the strange (but vitally important) debate

Sweet dreams, and remember to check under your bed and in your closet.

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