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Pixar’s New Short Movie ‘Loop’ Features A Non-Verbal Girl Of Color With Autism As The Main Character

Pixar’s New Short Movie ‘Loop’ Features A Non-Verbal Girl Of Color With Autism As The Main Character

As the entertainment industry is booming with new movies centered around characters that were commonly overlooked before, people are getting excited about new releases that break the ice over particularly sensitive topics. Pixar’s short film program “Sparkshorts” was designed especially for introducing such topics, as well as new creators and experimental storytelling techniques. There’s a very special jewel in this program – a film with an autistic girl of color featured as the main character, “Loop”.

Pixar recently announced 6 new short films with “Loop” among them

A new Pixar short movie “Loop” is announced to be coming to Disney+ on January 10th next year. Known for its sweet and relatable character, Pixar is finally crossing quite a few boundaries in their new release as the main character is very diverse. It’s centered around a non-verbal autistic girl of color who is partnered up for a canoeing trip with a rather chatty boy.

The movie will be available on Disney+ from January 10th, 2020 and is centered around an autistic girl of color who is non-verbal

Image credits: Pixar/Disney

This is a real breakthrough for people all over the world who are or have family members on the autism spectrum. While we can see an increasing number of female characters in main roles as well as people of color, it’s still a pretty rare thing to see a character with a learning disability to be the main focus point. But it seems this barrier is finally breaking as well.

The girl is partnered with a very chatty boy on a canoeing trip

Image credits: Pixar/Disney

Most people seem to be really excited to see the underrepresented groups and some took to social media to share their excitement. “I’m very glad that this character will be a girl and also nonverbal, two groups who are underrepresented in our entertainment industry currently. I’m looking forward to checking this out and hope that the character is a realistic portrayal of someone on the autism spectrum,” wrote Autism entertainment consultant Kerry Magro.

During the trip, both kids have to learn about how the other experiences the world to complete the journey

Image credits: Pixar/Disney

“Loop” is a part of the experimental short film program called Sparkshorts. It enables new storytellers to enter the film world and makes sure the audiences get to experience the new voices and storytelling techniques. The President of Pixar Animation Studios, Jim Morris, stated, “[Sparkshorts] films are unlike anything we’ve ever done at Pixar, providing an opportunity to unlock the potential of individual artists and their inventive filmmaking approaches on a smaller scale than our normal fare.” Let’s see how they nailed that and whether the movies will be as heartwarming as the teaser promises!

“Loop” is a part of the Sparkshorts program that was designed to discover new storytellers and explore new storytelling techniques

Image credits: Pixar/Disney

Most people couldn’t wait to see it but there were some that questioned the idea behind it

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