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A Cartoon Hero’s Dream

A Cartoon Hero’s Dream

**********PLEASE *READ *FULL *STORY*********

Hey everyone, my name is Alex, and I really hope you read this. I am 25 years old and was born in Ohio. Now I am not a professional writer at all so please bare with,it’s almost midnight while i’m writing this and its been a hard day. As we go into this I want to say something for the benefit of everyone but also just to remind myself; it’s okay to feel sad every now and then.

Right out of the gate I would like to apologize about the picture with my lip but it holds relevance.

Here we go…

I recently moved out here to Portland, Oregon back in September 2017 and it’s now March 2018. I moved out here because of work, voice work to be more precise. I am not a professional voice artist but I am aspiring to be …. I used to do radio and cartoon character gigs on the side six or seven years ago back around my college days and loved every minute of it. However it didn’t really last long, my parents got a divorce, I started to move around from city to city just working and moving when I felt like it. I even became a volunteer firefighter for Beaver Falls ,PA for a few months and the reason being for all the moving and not staying still is because of the lip and fighting this depression. About a year after my parents divorce at 17 i got my lip busted in a fight by brass knuckles. The knuckles cut the skin around my chin/lip area so bad that i needed 18 stitches total. Since then i have lost weight, became depressed, and just have lost myself over the last six years. And so much time has gone by where i have wasted my talent and motivation by just laying around my house or just working and spending all my money on terrible things getting me nowhere, and it’s come to the point in which i’m living in the most expensive place i have ever lived and with the worst job i have had. I am serving table at a chain restaurant in a big city where my rent is $1,150/month and i have $17 in my bank account right now. The voice work I came out here to do was working for this couple trying to start up there own cartoon show but currently their relationship is having issues meaning no work for me….. and the day job is not cutting it.


I’m drowning here…

I’ve done so much reflection recently on what I should do, I mean I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do and become. I want to be a CARTOON HERO. My goal is to eventually become a cartoon hero for Disney, Dreamworks, or anyone really, I mean, my mother was a babysitter my entire life, I have always been around children and babies. I have a radio voice and love doing characters. and the real reason why I have started this GoFundMe… not for the fact that i’m drowning and panicking with no money, for the fact that i am tired of being stubborn and feeling helpless. I love the kids, I love doing voices, and what has helped me out the entire time is playing video games.

I have been playing video games my entire life, they were always my solace when things were tense in my household. Whenever mom and dad would start fighting i would go turn on my nintendo or playstation and get lost for hours, it helped me escape to another world and was always there when i needed it..

I am at a point in my life where I just need help achieving my wizard’s dream of being successful while making kids laugh( my friend’s call me Wizard Fingers). So I figured why not try to make your own show with gaming and the voices. Why not try to Twitch stream and make YouTube content daily, it’s honestly the best platform to reach an audience and build a portfolio to try to voice acting someday.

Having this goal achieved wouldn’t just be uplifting, it would be LIFE CHANGING. It may help me get out of this depression, it would feed my creative purpose and finally give me an outlet to get out all the sillyness. I would have the oppurtunity to live my life the way i want to, not barely making ends meet and not eating just because i want to save money for the next bill. I just…. I am just so tired of so much need all the help i can get to help build up my dream of being a cartoon hero.

* just made a big sigh*

With all this being said, there have been people along the way who has helped me in more ways than I can convey, and I owe them all so much. I wish to achieve this dreaem just so I can help all those who I love and all of those who have helped me get this far in life..

I pray this reaches someone out there…

I HOPE it’s reached by April 25th, that’s my momma’s birthday

my name is Alexander Dargartz, and if you’d like to help anymore than this or in any other way, feel free to message me on Facebook

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