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Amazon Is Selling A Swaddling Blanket That Lets You Wrap Your Baby Into A Little Burrito

Amazon Is Selling A Swaddling Blanket That Lets You Wrap Your Baby Into A Little Burrito

Babies are so cute sometimes you just want to nibble their toes – well with this tortilla swaddle blanket your little ones will look even more deliciously adorable as they are transformed into a life-sized burrito. Amazon sells the $15 tortilla-inspired swaddling blanket and gives parents the opportunity to keep their babies secure and cozy while also yielding the perfect photo-op.

“From their sweet rosy cheeks to their delectable little toes, you know your baby looks good enough to eat, and now he or she can dress the part with this fiesta-worthy rendition of swaddling clothes,” the site states, sounds pretty appetizing huh?

Image credits: Amazon

The blanket is made from soft layers of stretchy cotton-polyester blend “tortilla,” according to the site which envelops your cutie to keep them cuddled, secure, and looking deliciously adorable.

Image credits: Amazon

Since too much heat can cause baby (and his or her parents) to lose their cool, the breathable fabric blend ensures that the little one will stay at a comfortable mild temperature even through summer’s most scorching days.

This set is appropriate for newborns up to 4 months

Image credits: lauramarie427

And even comes with a matching hat to top off this tasty look


Image credits: Amazon

For parents who want to go all out with this Mexican theme, there are even side dish accessories available – like these taco booties

Image credits: jackiedolsonewald

Delighted customers posted pics of their very own burritos

Image credits: margauxbonne

Image credits: mrs_swanny

Image credits: Amazon

Including some fur baby moms – who proved even non-humans can sport this cozy wrap

Image credits: samfuzzyface

If you don’t have a baby but are in love with the idea of a burrito blanket, an adult-sized one exists too!

Image credits: Amazon

This giant Burrito Blanket is large enough to wrap up two adults in its plush microfiber material. ‘Buy Burrito Blanket’ states that “even though each Burrito Blanket looks extremely yummy. Please do not attempt to eat this – it’s not as tasty as it looks.” The large tortilla is yours for $59.99 and no, guacamole is not included.

Image credits: Amazon

People loved the yummy design idea, especially burrito fans

You can buy this burrito blanket on Amazon

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