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Driving In Iceland In Winter

Driving In Iceland In Winter

My family and I recently went to Iceland on Boxing day and stayed for a week. I had never been to Iceland before, and if you have not been before either, I would really recommend it.

Iceland in the winter was simply stunning. We stayed in a log cabin in the Helludalur valley, which is just around the corner from the Geysir Centre.

What I really wanted to post today was about driving in Iceland in winter, as I saw so many tourists that were unprepared for driving there.

More info:

So much fun driving one of these in Iceland during the winter

Very important things to remember:
The weather changes very quickly. Always keep an eye on the weather, and keep updated using websites that give you accurate weather forecasts.
There are limited hours of daylight. When we were there at the end of December, the sun rose at about 11 am and set at about 3 pm. So you have around about 4 hours to explore.
The snow and ice are not the biggest worries when driving, it is the wind. There are a lot of signs alongside the road that will show you wind speed.

Lovely church near Vik

Don’t just stop in the middle of the road, or half off the road to take photos, it is dangerous and there have been numerous accidents in the past. There are plenty of pull-off areas where you can get completely off the road to take your photos.
Temperatures: When we were there we experienced temperatures of -10C. Add to that another wind chill factor of about -10C and we were experiencing temperatures that felt like -20C!

Aerial view of church at Vik

When we flew back to the UK, my wife and I looked at each other and both said: “We need to see Iceland in the summer now!”
I can’t wait to go back to Iceland, this time in the summer to see so many things we missed due to the lack of light and snow.
I hope to be adding many more photos of Iceland in the summer next time!

Strokkur Geysir erupting in Winter

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