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Entitled Fan Complains About Terry Crews Denying A Pic, He Responds And Tells The Real Story

Entitled Fan Complains About Terry Crews Denying A Pic, He Responds And Tells The Real Story

51-year-old Terry Crews has one of the most recognizable faces on television. An actor, comedian, activist, artist, and a former American football (also known as ‘handegg’) player, Crews is a veritable Renaissance man. But some people know him only as ‘that awesome dude from the Old Spice commercials.’

Wherever you might know Crews from and whatever you admire him for, there’s no excuse for being rude to him. When one fan complained on Twitter that Crews refused to take a picture with her, the star hit back epically. The reaction was instantaneous: Twitter users rushed to support Crews, while the rude fan tried to save her own skin and backpedaled almost immediately.

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Terry Crews hit back at a fan on Twitter who was rude to him in real life

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A fan was angry that Crews didn’t take a photo with her

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But the star explained what really happened

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It all started Saturday night when Erica Contreras went to Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, an annual celebration at the theme park. She then approached Crews and asked to take her picture.

Here’s how people reacted to the exchange on Twitter

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But her and the star’s accounts of what happened that night differ. After Crews replied to Contreras, she backpedaled and claimed that it wasn’t her who had been rude to the star, but somebody else.

Whether or not Crews or Contreras is right, we’ll leave that for you to decide, dear Readers. Bored Panda has reached out to both Crews and Contreras for comments about what happened that night.

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Crews’ simple but epic response went viral online. More than 84,800 people (and counting) liked it on Twitter. Furthermore, the reply was retweeted 7,200 times.

Crews, who may be spicy but definitely isn’t all that old yet, has done a bit of everything. He’s been in films like Friday After Next (2002), White Chicks (2004), Idiocracy (2006), Blended (2014), and the Expendables series. And since 2013, he has played NYPD Sergeant Terry Jeffords in the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

What’s more, he is currently hosting America’s Got Talent in 2019. Crews used to be a defensive end and linebacker in the NFL for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Washington Redskins, as well as in the World League of American Football with Rhein Fire, and college football at Western Michigan University.

The fan instantly backpedaled

Image credits: _ericabrianne

Image credits: _ericabrianne

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