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Girl Breaks The Only Plate Her Autistic Brother Eats Off Of, Asks For Help On Reddit And People Deliver

Girl Breaks The Only Plate Her Autistic Brother Eats Off Of, Asks For Help On Reddit And People Deliver

We all have those little somethings in our possession that we just can’t live without. For some, that’s a little trinket they got when they were sixteen or a medallion with family pictures. For others, it could be a tiny cute teddy bear – you name it. But in some cases, this little something can be so much more significant and cause more trouble than others, despite not being something of great value. That’s exactly what today’s story is about – a boy in great need of a replacement for something he just can’t live without and the heartwarming help from strangers on the Internet.

This girl, Tamara Dubin, recently posted quite a peculiar plea on Reddit

Image credits: Tamar Dubin

It’s true her request may seem a little bit odd at first but wait till you read all the details – it will all unravel in front of your eyes.

Asking the Internet to find a very specific plate for her brother after she accidentally broke it

The plate featuring the characters from his favorite animated series was the sole thing the autistic boy would eat from

‘This dinner set plate is the only thing that works for Daniel, so it’s very important to him that this is the plate he eats off of as this is what he’s comfortable with and he’s used to that’ explained Tamar. She also noted that it is very hard, if not impossible to change the routine of an autistic kid, Daniel included.

Daniel would only use this plate for his constant meals of microwavable grilled cheese

Image credits: Tamar Dubin

Autistic people often can’t communicate the same way other people do and therefore quite literally have special needs. That means sometimes they require certain things to do so. In Daniel’s case, cartoon characters are of huge importance, since he only communicates using lines he learns from PBS and Nick Junior TV shows. His favorite show is Dragon Tales, so no wonder the plate featuring animation characters from it has become a favorite as well.

He always makes sure to leave it on his desk ready for him to use when he comes back from school, so it’s become a way of communication as well

Image credits: Tamar Dubin

When Daniel’s favorite plate is dirty, he’ll often stand by the dishwasher waiting for the cycle to end so he can use it in its proper form, flapping his arms and making a cheerful noise. As the boy’s needs are very specific, Tamar notes that he also exclusively uses the plate when wearing his favorite color which is yellow.

Luckily for the autistic boy’s family, a stranger from Reddit did have the plate

Despite her family being really doubtful whether Tamara’s post will be of any use, it was seen by Forrest Markham who apparently had this popular cartoon plate as a kid and immediately contacted his mom about it. Luckily, it was still at her house and it took no time for the plate to be packed up and sent to the very special boy! This is the best example of a random act of kindness to give warm fuzzies to anyone!

And just in a couple of days, Daniel’s favorite plate was once again in his hands


Image credits: Tamar Dubin

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for genuine concern and all types of help from people on Reddit

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