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Guys In Gray Sweatpants 2020 Calendar Is Here And The Thirst Is Real

Guys In Gray Sweatpants 2020 Calendar Is Here And The Thirst Is Real

While picking up your Starbucks, you catch something out of the corner of your eye. Your Venti Caffè Americano goes flying from your hand. You see gray. The season’s first sweatpants print takes over your mind. You pick up your coffee cup but all that’s left is the thirst of those damn gray sweatpants.

What is it about guys in gray sweatpants? How do we extend sweatpants season to all year long you ask yourself? What if we could make a calendar to not only benefit Veterans with PTSD but to benefit you as well?

Your problems are solved! We’ve found the perfect 2020 Calendar for you and your friends this holiday season. There is no better gift to hang next to your stocking.

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Until now, there has never been a calendar like this. Not only will it benefit you but it also benefits Veterans suffering from PTSD. This calendar was the brainchild of Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography.

I saw a need in the community to extend the sweatpants season. In these busy chaotic times, I wanted to bring a little peace to the world. This calendar will provide just that. It’s pleasant to look at all year long.

100% of all the photography booking fees have been donated to Meghan’s Foundation, a Veteran run 501(3)c focusing on Yoga and Meditation treatment for PTSD. A portion of each calendar sold is being donated to PTSD support organizations as well. To date, over $1,400 has been raised.

More than 12 guys will be shown in the calendar taken at Allebach Studios in North Wales, Pa. It is available from Allebach Photography at a cost of $19.95.

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