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I Create Digital Art To Emphasize The Magic Of Nature

I Create Digital Art To Emphasize The Magic Of Nature

I paint with geometrical elements including sacred geometry patterns to emphasize the magic in nature. My work is also inspired by the concept; biomimicry where design and art mimic nature to create a more sustainable living. I am more concerned with the feeling that the colors give and the movements of patterns and lines, to create free and nature-friendly environments and dreams. Mainly my ‘Living’ series is about the infinity of possibilities of the living creatures and also touches on some social matters such as equality, togetherness, and uniqueness.

Using a technology-based technique helps me research the positive aspects of technology and how we can use it to protect nature. Printing on paper is a good way for me to see my work repeatedly without a flow which actually supports my looping lines technique as well. My works are available to be printed upon request.

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