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I Follow Rivers

I Follow Rivers

Rivers are lifelines of our planet, oases of biodiversity, the livelihood of many communities along the banks. I have just started the project with the aim to visit the most beautiful, interesting, naturally or culturally important rivers in the world, on every continent.

My name s Goran Šafarek, a biologist also turned photographer, writer, and cinematographer. For years, I was fervently protecting, exploring, researching and documenting the rivers in my home Croatia. I was also lucky to witness some of the finest rivers in the entire world, through my scientific expeditions. The rivers are lifelines of our planets, dynamic drivers of biodiversity. At the same time, I saw dead rivers, by pollution, damming, regulation, dead animals and destroyed cultures.

Through time, my life goal became the protection of the river.

The aim of this project is to make people aware of both values and threats. I will do it through written stories, short films, longer films, and other media. If we are not even aware of what we have, how can we value it, let alone protect?

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