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I Made This Site-Specific Dance Video In Rotterdam

I Made This Site-Specific Dance Video In Rotterdam

I had the chance to work with this bunch of amazingly talented dancers from FLOW Performing Arts. I was traveling back and forth between Paris and The Hague to work with these dancers. In about 5 rehearsals we created this unique dance video project to music composed by Jannum Kruidhof. The music was performed and recorded by Isolde Troost, a very talented pianist from the Netherlands. With the help of the amazing Carolina Kzan Xavier, who shot all the images and did the editing, we were able to create this piece with a very small team. The dancers, Florence Rapati, Astrid van Stijn, Jelle van Vlierberghe and Thami Joe Fischer, poured their hearts and souls into co-creating and dancing the choreography that was made by me.

I love how everyone just put their time and energy into this project for the love of all of our art forms. Everyone dedicated themselves to this project on a volunteer basis and I hope that you have as much fun watching it as we had creating it. I hope it gives you a moment of beauty, something for you to enjoy, something to counter all the ugliness that is out there in the world and on the internet and for a few minutes, you can listen to the amazing music and enjoy the talented performers in this video.

Cast & Crew at the end of the shoot

Behind the scenes

Kidnapping the choreographer

Dance video

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