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I Photograph Unexpected Wakeboard Sessions On Qeshm Island, Iran

I Photograph Unexpected Wakeboard Sessions On Qeshm Island, Iran

The island of Qeshm, a magnificent landscape, was revealed before my eyes, and so was revealed the astonishing culture. I discovered a revolution of water sports in a country where it seems unlikely.

However, many Iranians from Tehran come to breathe in the scent of freedom that Qeshm offers during their holidays. A friend of mine has been running a wakeboard school since 2016. He teaches men and women these different sports in full awareness of the maritime and wildlife that surrounds them.

Some Iranian women equally demand a thrilling sport. Though, it is easy to see that they represent a significant minority, that of urban women on the road to patriarchal emancipation. However, they face certain obstacles: in Iran, there are no water sports clothing suitable for Muslim women. So, many throw themselves into the water in leggings and t-shirts to meet Islamic codes. Wearing the veil is often neglected because it is restrictive. In any case, wakeboarding and watersports act as a way of emancipation. One can surely feel freedom when riding the waves.

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An Iranian puts on his wakeboard in the water for the evening sesssion – before the sunset.

On the water: The whole Iranian youth receive water sports well. This activity is continually experiencing a growing interest.

After the wakeboard session, we gather around a fire to grill fresh fish.

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