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Krakow Voted Best City Break Destination: Top 10 Cities And Top 10 Bottom Cities To Visit

Krakow Voted Best City Break Destination: Top 10 Cities And Top 10 Bottom Cities To Visit

When we think of a destination for a weekend holiday or city break, we usually think of the classics: London, Rome, Barcelona, Paris. However, it’s not all crispy baguettes, delicious wine, and pleasantly smelly cheese when it comes to these cities. In fact, there are other destinations you should consider for a quick getaway.

A survey conducted by the British consumer association ‘Which?’ came up with some unexpected results. The number 1 spot for the best destination for a city break was the Polish city of Krakow for the 3rd year running.

Curious to find out what the rest of the top 10 ‘Which?’ destinations were? Want to know which cities you’re better off avoiding if you want a pleasant trip? Scroll down and enjoy the view.

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1. Krakow, Poland

Image credits: martin-dm

Image credits: Roman_Polyanyk

‘Which?’ ranked the top 10 and bottom 10 cities according to the results it gathered from nearly 5,000 brits. They rated 43 cities based on different criteria: from accommodation and shopping to value for money and things to see. Oh, and the range of food and drink. After all, no matter how beautiful a city is, you don’t want to starve or go bankrupt by the end of your trip.

Image credits: DimaLiss

Gigantic head at the base of the Town Hall Tower

Image credits: Charlie

Image credits: DzidekLasek

Kosciuszko’s Mound

Image credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969


Image credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969

According to the survey results, Krakow got a whopping 93 percent rating and was given 5 stars for value for money. It was the only city to get so many stars in this category. This may have something to do with the fact that the average hotel price in the Polish city is just 59 pounds (76 dollars/69 euros) per night, while a pint of beer costs around 2 pounds (2.58 dollars/2.31 euros).

Ghetto Heroes’ Square

Image credits: Fred Romero

St. Mary’s Basilica

Image credits: Mig Gilbert

Image credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Image credits: dimitrisvetsikas1969

Image credits: Karen Mardahl

But Krakow is much more than just value for money. The city has quaint traditional markets, a castle, and actual underground mines with a cathedral made of salt (Mines of Moria, anyone?).

Wawel Cathedral

Image credits: V Manninen

Image credits: Naval S

Here are the rest of the top 10 European destinations for a city break, according to the ‘Which?’ survey (yay for Berlin and Budapest!):
Krakow, Poland: 93 percent
Seville, Spain: 90 percent
Valencia, Spain: 89 percent
Berlin, Germany: 88 percent
Amsterdam, Netherlands: 86 percent
Budapest, Hungary: 86 percent
Munich, Germany: 86 percent
Venice, Italy: 86 percent
Verona, Italy: 86 percent
Bordeaux, France: 85 percent

2. Seville, Spain

Image credits: 12019

3. Valencia, Spain

Image credits: Themil

4. Berlin, Germany

Image credits: Kai_Vogel

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Image credits: 1624923

6. Budapest, Hungary

Image credits: JStolp

7. Munich, Germany

Image credits: 12019

8. Venice, Italy

Image credits: Gellinger

9. Verona, Italy

Image credits: stinne24

10. Bordeaux, France

Image credits: juliacasado1

Bottom 10 cities:

Valletta, Malta: 78 percent
Cologne, Germany: 77 percent
Dublin, Ireland: 77 percent
Dubrovnik, Croatia: 76 percent
Naples, Italy: 75 percent
Palma, Mallorca: 75 percent
Reykjavik, Iceland: 74 percent
Brussels, Belgium: 73 percent
Milan, Italy: 73 percent
Alicante, Spain: 72 percent

Interestingly enough, Dubrovnik, Dublin, and Brussels all make the list. Do you agree with the ‘Which?’ survey results? Which European cities would you like to visit? Have you been to Krakow before? Let us know in the comments!

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