I Photograph Strangers I Meet Throughout My Travels

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As a photographer, my favorite subject is people. They are unpredictable and surprising. So I photograph strangers every chance I get. Whether it’s a small trip hiking upstate New York or around my local area.

Photographing strangers is a completely different experience than having models arranged. I like to pick their brains about who they are, what they do, what they value. Some strangers will let me take a photo and leave while others I’m still in touch with today!

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I photographed this adorable couple at the Lantern Festival this summer. The girl opened up in response to me emailing her the pictures. She had been struggling with depression for a long time, has recently survived a suicide attempt, and got herself out of a six-year-long abusive relationship not too long ago. This was her first lantern festival and I happened to document a moment of bliss and true happiness. This simple photo meant the world to her. I couldn’t be more grateful and honored to meet people like her.

This is Khristine and Todd. I met them while hiking up in the Catskills. They had a little pup that was little but came with A LOT of attitude. I somehow got past that guy and took this wonderful photo of them.

While walking around Boston, I met Alyssa. She had just come from her local pride fest and after talking to her I learned she was a young, strong model who worked her way out of poverty.

This is Fabio. He didn’t talk much English but he let me take his portrait after a memorizing demonstration of his glass blowing. The first shot we took, he said he was ugly. I told him he was beautiful and I persisted. I put him in a better light and asked him to raise his chin and eyes into the light proudly. The difference was tremendous. He beamed with pride and thanked me.

I met this young lady while walking around Lake Como. She had this gorgeous yellow dress on and she so nicely posed on this dock for a photo!

This is the beautiful Izabelle that I met while at Asbury Park Boardwalk!

I met Tym on top of a huge rock formation at Quincy Quarries Reservation in Massachusetts. Tymothy and Banks were brave enough to go to the edge and look out.

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